Diagnosis Project


As of 2020, there is no single consensus-based clinical definition for mTBI (concussion).


Concussion tests are different for everyone. What works on you may fail on someone else. These tests often fail to spot even mild brain injuries.

This means that you may be undiagnosed even if you have severe brain injury. This could prevent you from getting the financial and social support that you need during your recovery period. Many people just like you have to suffer because there is not enough awareness about mTBI (concussion) diagnosis.




Educate the Public

To educate the public on existing developments, breakthroughs, and future prospects.

Accelerate Research

To research and compile new, emerging, and existing methods for mTBI (concussion) diagnosis and recovery.

Raise Awareness

To advocate for greater awareness, funding, and research in the area of mTBI diagnosis.

Facilitate Collaboration

To facilitate open collaboration, information sharing, and networking connections between researchers, volunteers,students, institutions, and BIAs.


For Individuals

If you are a concerned member of the community who would like to support this project, raise awareness, or volunteer your time, please:

Click here to register as a VBIA volunteer (please specify on the form that you would like to contribute to the Concussion Diagnosis Project).

For Organizations

If you are an organization, school, or society that cares about the local brain injury community and would like to raise awareness or support for the Concussion Diagnosis Project, please fill out this form to join our community partners list.

We will be in touch with more information on how we can proceed, and you will be eligible to have your organization name inscribed on our website as a partner.



If you are a researcher at an accredited academic institution, have prior operational experience studying brain injury, or work for a relevant organization in a research role, please fill out this form to apply for our collaborators list.

We will be using this list to facilitate information sharing, collaborative research agreements, and disseminate project opportunities.


Even in 2020, concussions are...

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    Are undetected or undiagnosed up to 50% of the time.

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    Affect 20% of all high school athletes.

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    Can last anywhere from a few days to a lifetime.

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    Disproportionately affect children and the elderly.

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    Subject people to adverse health consequences, particularly those 70+.