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Our Current Research Topics

Under the supervision of specialists and faculty members in VBIA’s advisory board, our co-op students and enthusiastic volunteers conduct research.

Early Diagnosis of mTBI

This area of research targets ways to improve early diagnosis of TBI and concussion. It is important to recognize and diagnose concussion and mildTBI as soon as possible in order to improve positiveĀ health outcomes for patients.

Road Safety

This research area focuses on road safety measures in an attempt to decrease the number of motor vehicle accidents that lead to brain injury.

Brain Injury Recovery

Researchers in this area look for most efficient ways to facilitate brain injury survivorsā€™ path to recovery. These methods include emotional support, cognitive exercise, physical exercise, nutrition, and neurofeedback and brain remapping programs.

If you are interested to join VBIA’s research team, either as a vulnteer or a co-op student, please email: