Shirin Badii was REMOVED from VBIA for MISCONDUCT


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. Shirin Badii was REMOVED as VBIA president on April 8, 2019. It required an Extraordinary General Meeting on June 5, 2019 to remove Shirin Badii as a director.


. RESOLVED that Shirin Badii hereby be removed as a director of Vancouver Brain Injury Association for misconduct.

. Shirin Badii falsely proclaims herself to be VBIA president and falsely states that VBIA will be closed. Shirin Badii has falsely contacted granting agencies, identifying herself as VBIA president and announcing that VBIA will be closed, dissolved, etc.


.The board of a society may remove an officer, such as the president, as an ordinary directors meeting. But to remove a director, an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider a Special Resolution must be held.  Shirin Badii was removed as President April 8, and Shirin Badii was removed as a director June 5, 2019.

. When Shirin Badii was removed as president she was reminded that as a single director she is prohibited from representing Vancouver Brain Injury Association and may not speak for VBIA for any purpose.

. Any statement by Shirin Badii after April 8, 2019 inferring or claiming she is president of the VBIA or authorized to speak for VBIA was untrue.


. Shirin Badii, or persons helping Shirin Badii, have control of the Vancouver Brain Injury Association Facebook page and LinkedIn company page.  Shirin Badii falsely posted on both the Facebook page and on the LinkedIn company page that VBIA was closed in April. But no VBIA services had been interrupted. She signed the comments as VBIA president long after she had been removed as President.

If you know of any situation in which Shirin Badii claimed to be a representative of VBIA after April 8, 2019 please send an email to explaining the circumstances.








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