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Brain injury in Covid Time is difficult.

Please click on the video above to learn about brain injury in Metro Vancouver.

If you have a brain injury or you know someone who does please email

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Online VBIA Support Group Meetings Coming Soon.



Vancouver Brain Injury Association support groups are coming to you.

Your comfort and safety are very important.  Support group meetings will be open by invitation. If you have attended a VBIA support group meeting on the North Shore, in Vancouver, or in White Rock you may receive an invitation.
New members are welcome throughout Metro Vancouver
If you are new to VBIA you can request an invitation. We will verify that you are a person with a brain injury, a family member or a caregiver and invite you to VBIA support group meetings. A referral from a recognized medical professional such as a doctor, a medical clinic, an occupational therapist, psychologist, or another treatment provider will be helpful.
An intake interview may be required if you need more urgent or more specific assistance.
To join, or to request help, please email

VBIA Support Group Meetings

Vancouver Granville Brain Injury Support Group and the White Rock Brain Injury Support Group resume when the Firehouse Library and the Semiahmoo Library reopen their meeting rooms.

 North Shore Brain Injury Support Group resumes when the Evergreen Boardroom at Lions Gate Hospital is open for meetings.

To See the Posters go to Support Groups under the “Services” drop-down menu.

Kim Spracklin, rejoins VBIA Board of Directors, again voted VBIA Treasurer.

Kim Spracklin volunteered at Brain Recovery Fridays from the very beginning in September 2015 until June 2018.

She joined the VBIA Board and went on to serve as VBIA Treasurer in 2016 and 2017.

Kim has been a small business owner, operating her own Karate school, and is a senior insurance agent in North Vancouver.

Kim rejoined the VBIA Board to ensure continuity and support the growth  of Vancouver Brain Injury Association. At a VBIA Board of Directors meeting November 27, 2019 Kim was again voted to be Vancouver Brain Injury Association Treasurer.


Did you know that North Shore Brain Injury and Vancouver Brain Injury Association are the same charity?  

Kim encourages North Shore businesses to join VBIA and to support Vancouver Brain Injury Association.

North Shore Neighbourhood House supports VBIA

North Shore Neighbourhood House supports the Vancouver Brain Injury Association (VBIA) and the wonderful programs they offer.  We have worked with VBIA since September of 2015 and have gotten to know the people.  We recognize the huge benefits of this program.

Our Mission:

Vancouver Brain Injury Association’s mission is to fill a devastating void for Vancouver and North Shore brain injury survivors by creating new programs and to connect brain injury survivors and their families to needed  resources.

Feeling inspired to support us?